What People Are Saying About The Book

"Humor in the political crucible of the 21st Century"

"Make America Stronger Together Again is a masterclass of American political histrionics, taking lessons from both candidates - the wins and losses, the ups and downs - and piecing together a better image for our collective future. Christensen finds humor in the political crucible of the 21st Century, engages the reader with unique analogies, and provides a sophisticated analysis of the 2016 Presidential Election that is understandable to politicos and laymen alike."

"A stake into the heart of divisive politics"

"After the country elected a president who grabs women by the covfefe (cough cough) Make America Stronger Together Again is just the road map America needs. With humor, credibility, and brutal honesty, Gregory drives a stake into the heart of divisive politics and delivers an outline for an American future where we work together to accomplish the impossible. You'll read this book in one sitting and simply won't put it down until you've finished the final page."

"Comically entertaining interpretation of American politics"

"A good-humored, wistful, enlightening, inspirational, motivational & comically entertaining interpretation of American politics in its most eventful year."

"A persuasive call to action"

"In his inaugural publication, Gregory midwives American politics into modernity. The first half of the book develops the background, fine-tuning the discussion of campaign minutia that similar accounts have glazed over. The second half provides the reader with a picture of what America can be. While others simply pontificate change, Gregory offers a persuasive call to action, encouraging public involvement in government like never before. A surefire win for American politics, Make America Stronger Together Again will leave you energized, ready to overhaul our shortcomings, and poised to leverage our nation's political process to work for all."

"Laugh, cry, and learn about politics"

"Hahahaha. I laughed so hard when I first picked this book up at a local book store. I just knew it was another Trumpian [sic] toot, toot, toot my own horn book. Not at all. This is perhaps the exact opposite of The Art of the Deal. With all the talk about Russia and a election stolen from the Democrats it's more like The Art of the Steal. If you want to laugh, cry, and learn about politics, you need to grab a copy of this book. (An added bonus that I just learned about on B&N's website, the book supports voter groups. Take that GOP monkeys. Ha haha. Buy the book.)"

"Sixteen chapters of on-the-edge-or-your-seat commentary"

"A fantastic read, you won't be able to put down. Everyone should read this book so they too can understand what led to the political Hades we find our country in. Constructed like a collegiate dissertation on a well-known era of American history, Make America Stronger Together Again connects the lessons of the past with a hopeful outlook for the future. It fills in the void of details similar works have missed while continuing to tell the story every student of history needs to know. Across sixteen chapters of on-the-edge-of-your-seat commentary, Gregory dissects the 2016 campaign, the Trump Administration, and an inspiring new class of engaged voters in a way only an elite political analyst can."

"Interesting reading"

"I found the book to be interesting reading, very detailed and probably a really good textbook."

"A must-read" for every American who wants to create change

"From the bourgeois capitalist to the socialist organizer, one needn't be a political guru to understand how they can make a change in their community. Christensen's Make America Stronger Together Again is a must-read for anyone wondering what to do now. He provides an outline for political participation in clear, easy to understand English. A companion to books revealing what happened in 2016 and what is still transpiring as part of the Mueller Investigation into Russian interference, this book adds in all the necessary details. America is once again participating in politics and after reading this book you'll learn why you need to stay engaged and how best to fight for a better tomorrow."

"An education in American politics written in plain English"

"Make America Stronger Together Again is an education of American politics, written in plain English, with plenty of humorous observations to keep you entertained. If you are obsessed with William Shakespeare or dry political memoirs this is not the appropriate book for you. If you like boring news stories, this is not a good bet either. If you are enthralled by the promise of a reunited America or envision a time when families can once again come together around the Thanksgiving dinner table, this is your book."

"Well-crafted, emotional, and inspiring read"

"Page after page, Gregory paints a positive vision for America and details what happened every step of the way. Covering the candidate's backgrounds, two challenging primary competitions, a 'campaign from hell', a grossly unqualified Commander-in-Chief, and a failing presidency, Make America Stronger Together Again has something for everyone. A truly well-crafted, emotional, and inspiring read, this book doesn't disappoint."

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